About MOOC-Maker


MOOC-Maker is a project funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ which has as main purpose to develop capabilities for the Construction of Management Capacities of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in Higher Education and conduct research about the initiatives developed.

The project aims to promote the culture of MOOCs and SPOCs especially in the participating Latin American Higher Education Institutions (HEI); the thematic will be oriented at training on issues of basic skills that enable participants to improve their training to promote a better employment, in addition, the development of a set of management guides implemented and validated by the HEI members of the consortium.  The guides will be enriched by the experiences, best practices, and case studies of pilot projects MOOC to be implemented during the project, reinforcing the presence of quality MOOCs in Spanish and promoting equal access to inclusive education taking into account especially the most disadvantaged groups in the region.



The consortium is formed by 3 European Higher Education Institutions and 6 Latin American HEI:

This consortium is led by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), which works with edX and MiriadaX  MOOC platforms and owns the UNESCO Chair on “Scalable Digital Education for All,” and by University Galileo (Guatemala) with extensive experience in MOOCs as the creator and administrator of the MOOC platform Telescopio, the main platform of this type in Latin America.



The European Parliament has approved the Erasmus+ programme for the 2014-2020 period, which entered into effect on 01 January 2014. This program is framed within the Europe 2020 strategy, within the 2020 Education and Training strategy and within the Rethinking Education strategy. It englobes all the initiatives within education, training, youth and sport.

Erasmus+ focurses on formal and informal learning beyond the borders of the European Union (EU), with a clearly internationalising vocation, opening up to other countries with the purpose of improving people’s education and training abilities.

This project has been funded with the help of Erasmus + Key Action 2: Capacity-building in the field of Higher Education EAC/A04/2014. For more information about Erasmus+ programme visit the website: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/discover/index_es.htm