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6th. Plenary meeting of MOOC-Maker partners in Popayán, Colombia

On October 8 and 9, the 9 European and Latin American partners of the MOOC-Maker project met Universidad del Cauca in Popayán, Colombia to present the results of the work carried out in the last semester of 2018. They also showed a general summary of the activities developed during the 3 years of the MOOC-Maker project, which ends at the end of this month (October 2018).

Among the major achievements are the following:

  • 18 reports on state-of-art about MOOCs
  • 8 training workshops for teachers and technicians
  • 6 MOOCs to improve employability
  • 10,000 learners taking MOOCs from MOOC-Maker
  • 20 scientific papers on MOOCs
  • 6 bulletins about the project
  • 3 numbers of digital magazine
  • 6 project meetings
  • 6 international events
  • 61 deliverables

6a. reunión plenaria

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