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Conference and workshop at Universidad Nacional de la Asunción

On 25-27 September 2018, Carlos Alario, PhD from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, was invited to give a lecture and workshop on “Training in open and massive MOOC online courses” at the Universidad Nacional de la Asunción (Paraguay), which is part of the MOOC-Maker cooperation network.

On 25 September, Professor Alario gave the master lecture “Innovation of virtual courses in MOOC format in higher education and lifelong learning”, which was attended by 100 participants.

During the morning of September 26, Professor Alario began to give the teacher training workshop, in which he introduced the virtual courses in MOOC format, showed the information and resources needed to start designing MOOCs and participants in a practical way had the opportunity to design their own MOOCs taking into account the MOOC Canvas model.

On September 27, the last day of the workshop, the teacher training workshop ended with the theme “producing my MOOC” during which the students learned about aspects such as the creation of video recordings and different types of activities that can be developed in MOOCs.  During the afternoon of the same day, the students received the theme “configuring the Open edX platform” in which the students had access to instances created in the MOOC-Maker Campus, and were able to know the different sections and type of content that can be assembled in the platform.  It is important to mention that approximately 60 people attended to the workshop.
Taller y Conferencia en Universidad Nacional de la Asunción

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