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MOOC-Maker Global Symposium



The MOOC-Maker Global Symposium will be held in Lisbon, at the Cultural Centre of Belém (CCB), on the 17th April, 2018. This event will be organised by the MOOC-Maker consortium in the framework of the 30th anniversary celebrations of Universidade Aberta, the open university of Portugal, with the collaboration of the MOOQ project.

The symposium aims at presenting a state of the art of the MOOC phenomena. It will be a platform for sharing results from ongoing research and discussing institutional experiences, focusing in particular Europe and Latin America. Confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Professor Rory McGreal, former Vice-president of Athabasca University, Canada;
  • Professor Alan Tait, former Pro-Vive-Chancellor of the Open University, UK;
  • Professor Carlos Delgado Klos, Vice-rector of the Universidad Carlos III, Spain;
  • Willem van Walkenburg, Vice-President of the Open Education Consortium.

We invite researchers, technologists, course designers and learners from universities, public administration, ONGs and industry to share their approaches and perspectives on key topics of MOOC design and delivery.

Topics of Interest

  • Learning design for MOOCs
  • Pedagogical issues, tutoring roles and human interaction in MOOC development
  • Universal design and accessibility issues in MOOCs contents and platforms
  • Learning analytics
  • Use of artificial intelligence for personalisation
  • Multilingualism and cultural adaptation issues
  • Gamification and social learning artefacts
  • Open badges and new assessment approaches and technologies
  • Data protection and open licensing
  • Experiences and best practices in implementing MOOCs
  • Attrition and retention in MOOCs
  • Reuse and remix of MOOCs
  • Quality standards for open education and MOOCs

The call is open and contributions can be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese until the 6th April. Proposals should be submitted by email to the conference chair:

Physical or virtual participation in the symposium is free of charge, although subject to registration. Please send an email to and register for the symposium.

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