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Certificates awarded from UPANA to NCP

UPANA Virtual, with the support of the universities that form the MOOC-Maker project, developed the MOOC “How to structure and write an academic report”, which is offered to strengthen writing skills for reports of various kinds.  In this course were used explanations by means of didactic videos and other digital resources, as well as practical exercises.

The first cohort of this course was integrated by two thousand four hundred people, among them a group of agents of the National Civil Police, of which eighty-seven successfully completed the MOOC and received the respective diploma.

On Tuesday, November 14, in the auditorium of the General Directorate of the NCP, authorities of that institution Mr. Víctor Manuel Chocoj Tiul, Deputy Director General of Personnel and Mr. Eduardo Cardona, Technical Secretary, and Carlos Delgado Kloos PhD, Vice-rector of Strategy and Digital Education and Carlos Alario Hoyos PhD, Assistant Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and General Coordinatos of the MOOC-Maker Project, and MSc. Mariela Román Director of UPANA Virtual, delivered the diplomas to the police officers.

The course lasted five weeks, with a different module each week. Each module develops writing topics and a specific spelling theme applied to the writing of reports. This course seeks to improve the writing skills for reports of the agents which are required by their work as part of the NCP.

The agents that participated were grateful for the training opportunities, since they value that through virtuality, education reach all regions of the country. And a huge advantage is that in the time they have available, they can acquire new competences.

Entrega de diplomas UPANA Virtual

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